Craig Pankhurst

Craig Pankhurst bought Central Australian Driving School (CADS) in 2007 with his wife Penny.

Craig has been training and assessing for the last twelve years. Craig has experience in 'C' Class Licensing, Heavy Vehicle training ranging from Light Rigid through to Multi-Combination trucks, machinery such as Forklift, Excavator and Skid Steer (Bobcat). With 20 years experience in four wheel driving, Craig is our most experienced 4WD trainer.

When asked the question; Why have you become a trainer? Craig responded: "I wanted to give back to my community."

Craig Whan

Craig Whan started his training career in 2009 with experience in 'C' Class licence training (Car), Craig also conducts Forklift, Elevated Work Platform and White Card courses, as well as our Back on Track Drink/Drug program.

When asked the question; What prompted you to become a trainer? He responded with: "I have a passion for training, a passion to help people succeed in their chosen training pathways."

Adrian Couchman

Adrian Couchman

Adrian Couchman started training six years ago. Being a former fuel tank delivery driver, he has over four million kilometres experience in driving a quad road train (four trailers). Adrian has training and assessment experience in 'C' Class licensing, heavy vehicle classes ranging from Light Rigid through to Multi-Combination (three trailers) and Four Wheel Driving.

When asked; "Why have you become a trainer?" He responded: "The reason I became a Trainer was to give something back to the industry I have gotten so much out of."

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